Definition of the Word Fogdirog

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Fogdirog [fawg-di-rawg] - noun, plural -s

  • One who blogs with the sole purpose of being #1 in Technorati ranking in a particular category.

That guy is such a fogdirog and he hasn't even cracked the top five.

Fogdirog [fawg-di-rawg] - verb, -rogged, -rogging

  • To dance wildly with friends after imbibing mass quantities of alcohol, usually to 80s music.

I fogdiroged all night while in San Diego.

Fogdirog [fawg-di-rawg] - noun, plural -s

  • A made-up word usually consisting of an improper prefix or suffix, but which is clearly understandable by root word and context.

He used the fogdirog "inclusionary" in a blog post.

Fogdirog [fawg-di-rawg] – verb, -rogged, -rogging

  • To confuse or perplex

I tried to explain the merits of Social Networking to my board but it made them all fogdirogged.

Fogdirog [fawg-di-rawg] - adverb

  • Adds emphasis to adjectives and adverbs.

That fogdirog rocks, dude.
See also, Captain Fogdirog.

Fogdirog [fawg-di-rawg] - expletive substitute

  • A workplace safe alternative to inappropriate cursing and possible termination.

WTF…what the fogdirog?

Fogdirog [fawg-di-rawg] - adjective

  • Of great social significance, value, or importance.

The YAP 80s/90s Dance Party was so fogdirog. Now YAP is kind of a big deal.

Fogdirog [fawg-di-rawg] - interjection

  • An expression of extreme joy and revelry.

Woohoo! Fogdirog!

Fogdirog [fawg-di-rawg] - noun

  • An illicit substance that, when ingested (either by smoking or drinking), causes severe lapses in judgment.

What was I thinking when I booked that trip right after returning from ASAE2008? I must have been smoking fogdirog.

Carrying a flask of straight fogdirog is a serious violation of San Diego city ordinances, punishable by up to one day's worth of listening to incredibly trite songs composed for opening general sessions.

Fogdirog [fawg-di-rawg] - exclamation

  • An expression of amazement

Whoa. Fogdirog. My head hurts.
Fogdirog! Sorry about that gnarly unforeseen font issue!!

Fogdirog [fawg-di-rawg] - verb

  • To become agitated or worked up

When the speaker couldn't work the lcd projector he got very fogdirog.
I fogdirogged when I saw the fail whale on my screen.

Fogdirog [fawg-di-rawg] - noun, plural -s

  • A situation that is expected to proceed smoothly, but for some reason goes awry.

That closing session was a complete fogdirog.

Fogdirog [fawg-di-rawg] - noun, plural -s

  • One's friends, peeps, homegirls, homeboys, clique, or posse.

Where my fogdirog at?

Fogdirog [fawg-di-rawg] - noun, plural -s

  • A clusterf@#$ or SNAFU.

That person didn't know what they were doing and turned that meeting into a total fogdirog.

Fogdirog [fawg-di-rawg] - noun, plural -s

  • An outburst made on Twitter that makes little to no sense to the user's follwers.

His fogdirog was uncharacteristic considering he said he was being good today.

Fogdirog [fawg-di-rawg] - noun, plural -s

  • Canadian coins of indeterminable denomination.

When the cabdriver got us to the hotel, I tipped him by shoving some fogdirog into his hand.

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