The True Story of Fogdirog

Credit for the "coining" of the term, "fogdirog" goes to Jamie Notter (alternatively known as JNott or McLovin) who discovered it through the magic of the iPhone. While attempting to write a mobile blog post during the 2008 ASAE & The Center Annual Meeting in San Diego, he was overly reliant on the iPhone's ability to correctly guess what word you meant to type despite hitting all the wrong letters on its imaginary, touch-screen keyboard, and he failed to proof-read the post before it went up.

The blog post was put up and in the middle of one sentence was the magical word, "fogdirog." First noticed by Jeff "The Godfather" De Cagna (nickname courtesy Maddie "Hostess with the Mostest" Grant), his early reports were vehemently denied by all until Jamie actually looked on his blog on his laptop to discover the presence of the new word. To this day, no one, including JNott, has been able to determine what word or words should have been there (and he edited the post, so the evidence is gone!).

Fogdirog immediately became "the" new word of the conference, as it found its way into hallway conversations, many texts on the unofficial backchannel, and the occasional modification of an 80s song at the Whiskey Girl club in the Gaslamp District of San Diego.

So it started as a huge inside joke among a small group of arguably insane people, but now with social media behind it, who knows where it will go?

The idea for the site was born when two people convened at a sports bar near gate 38 of San Diego International Airport. The official site birthday is Thursday August 21, 2008.

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